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Content management system abbreviated as CMS is software or a tool that allows creating, editing, publishing and modifying content within a website. CMS provides a web-based GUI, enabling publishers to access the CMS online using only a Web browser. CMS helps in making the website development process more flexible. CMS helps greatly in managing your content so that you are not in need of any web developer to make any changes to your websites as and when you need. In short, CMS is a system to simplify the publication of web content to websites without any knowledge of the code used in your websites. Your content may be a text, image, video or audio you can add it to your website with greater ease.

Common features

Content management systems typically provide the following features:

  • SEO-friendly URLs
  • Integrated and online help
  • Modularity and extensibility
  • User and group functionality
  • Templating support for changing designs
  • Install and upgrade wizards
  • Integrated audit logs
  • Compliance with various accessibility frameworks and standards, such as WAI-ARIA

The usage of CMS is increasing day by day. Many websites have started using CMS to support their website work. CMS has generated a greater efficiency from the point of users. CMS tools are really easy to handle. The main importance of CMS is to present information on a website. So why not use CMS for your websites too?

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